Sale and booking

Sale and booking domestic and international air tickets.

Transfer to beaches

We transfer to northern beaches: Cabo Blanco, etc. Transfer in car-van-sprinter, minibus and bus from Piura and Tumbes.

Payment agreement

Agreement payment through payroll discounts for the purchase of domestic and international tickets.


Service of accommodation, we make the reservation, confirmations of the rooms in the hotels that are required by our clients.


Pre-paid service, you can order and pay for a ticket or service from Piura in order that the ticket is sent the one who is designated in other points of the country or abroad.


Service of check-in online. We manage with the airline award tickets of corporate arrangements


Just a message to our e-mail is enough to make any request of reservation effective, in low season it will be possible attend to requests even with 24 hours of anticipation. Any reservation is consider as preventive until the pre-payment of 30% of the service is done which will confirm the request.

In high seasons, it will not be possible to accept reservations less than 48 hours of anticipation for individuals, for groups with a minimum of 7 days.


Canechi Tours is committed to provide its customers the totality of the services contracted with the characteristic and conditions stipulated in the voucher of service, will only be exempt from this responsibility for reasons, such of major force as strikes, commotions, natural disasters, governmental decisions, etc. If this occurs before and/or during the tri and they prevent the fulfillment of the operation, the client will have right to the refund of money paid, except the expenses of management and the difference, if it was, of the services used proportionally. In case of strikes, delays or cancellations of flights, Canechi Tours will not assume expenses of maintenance, accommodation and/or transfers.


Canechi Tours SAC and its agents act as organizers of the technical programs, not assuming responsibility for: damage, wound, death, loss, delay or cases of force majeure, negligence of hotels, airlines, ground transportation, etc.


Every passenger who is not present to a scheduled and reserved service, without prior cancellation and acceptance will be considered non-show and 10% of the fare will be charged without appeal or refunds.


High season: *December-January * July-August *Holy week *long holidays.

Summer season: *January-March

Low season: *All the days that are not listed in the previous.


We are a Peruvian tourism company whose main goal is to provide quality service that satisfies the expectations of our customers who we identify as our reason of being impetus for further growth.